Joe le Pianiste

This world travels at a tempo that is uncontrollable.
Everything bound by rules that are followed by a
generation who have not heard of freedom.

Where the world is not, music is.

Music lets you find your own tempo,
it helps you play out the feelings you don’t want to show,
lets you sing out the words you don’t want to say.viagra

Memories can be stored within a melody; loved ones can be reached within lyrics.
Music doesn’t help you escape the world surrounding you,
it only helps by changing the world that’s around you.

Whilst music helps you delve into the heart and satisfies your ears, there is no higher bliss than to offer cuisine as its companion.

Music may provide song to the ears and peace to the mind, food provides taste to the mouth and a scent to the nose.
Whilst music your body can survive without, food your body cannot.

To cook cuisine that captivates your craving, there is no higher bliss.
In cooking you can be in command of your colour, your taste, your feelings,
your tempo.
The supreme existence of cooking is not to satisfy yourself but to provide for others.
There is no higher bliss.

Joseph Tang

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