Muriel Bonnet

Muriel Bonnet is a fine art documentary / narrative photographer with a scientific and teaching background. Born in France, where she studied Sciences & Commerce at the Université de Caen, she is living in Birmingham where she gained an FE Teaching Certificate and a 1st class Honours degree in Visual Communication (Photography).

Her main interest lies in the exploration of the difficulties and challenges life forces us to face which result in inner conflicts, fears, momentary loss of self-esteem and in the need for recognition and acceptance. Photography, for her, is a way to communicate the vulnerability and beauty of such moods we all go through at one point in order to find a purpose and even perhaps happiness.viagra online

Muriel works on personal and group projects and takes on commissions. The demands of the work will dictate whether she uses analogue or digital photography, black & white or colour. All her images reveal her aesthetic concerns.

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